Stay Accountable.

Continuously Grow.

Make informed life changes by tracking your growth daily. More than just a habit tracker. Calling those who want to reach their full potential.

What Makes Us Unique

Track Any Data

Add customizable number and text fields to track anything from number of hours of sleep to an explanation of your happiness level.

Cues & Triggers

Be notified at any time and weekday, and motivate yourself with your images, videos, audio, and links.

Stay Accountabile

Join together with a partner to stay accountable for your actions.

Growthify Features

From tracking daily progress with forms and habits, to analyzing data with graphical interfaces, and understanding the psychology behind our features based on your favourite books like Atomic Habits.

Use Cases

Basic Usage

Let's say you want to pick up a new habit: studying a new language. Create a habit with a descriptive name, and optionally, add triggers which would motivate you to study the language when viewed. Create a form with questions you would like to look back on, such as how focused or concentrated you were. You may also create a reward after that. Lastly, create a stack calling the habit, form, then reward in that order, and choose a time and a few weekdays to partake in it.

Congrats! Every time at that day, you will be notified and shown the trigger on the app. You may also find an accountability partner to whom your undone events will be shown.

Health / Working Out

A common use case of Growthify is for building and analyzing workouts or improving health. To set up a routine to notify and track morning and evening workouts, create a workout habit, and give it an appropriate name. Again, you may add triggers. To track specifics of the workout, create a form with many fields, such as distance on treadmill, number of presses, time spent, and additional comments. Then, you may create a reward. Create a morning and evening stack, each with both the habit and the form, set them to some time in the morning and evening respectively, and select the days in which you would like them to activate. Add a long term goal, and optionally, an accountability partner.

Work / School

There are many ways Growthify can be used in the context of work or school. Create a todo for each assignment or project, and delete them when the work is done. Set up notifications corresponding to your school or work schedule. If you are in school, you can set up a consistent study schedule each day, optionally stacked with rewards.